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Expert Takes

What the experts have to say about me and my services.

“Katie is passionate about health and wellness. Through her own health journey and clinical experience she has become a functional nutritional and nutrigenomic expert that can help make significant changes in the lives of those that are lucky enough to work alongside her.”

— Dr. Emily Gutierrez DNP, C-PNP, PMHS, IFM-CP

“Incorporating a health coach as part of of my patients’ protocol has proved to be beneficial as seen by the results my patient’s achieve. I have recommended Katie to numerous patients challenged by autoimmune disorders, heavy metal toxicity and lifestyle management. Katie’s vast knowledge in nutrition and wellness along with her personal approach to reaching my patients has been an integral part of their healthy outcome. I know when I recommend Katie, they are in good hands!”

— Dr. Amy Denicke DC IFMCP

“Katie has been a wonderful friend and colleague for many years. Her loyalty and dedication to her patients’ health and improvement is admirable. By modifying diet and helping patients choose anti-inflammatory foods to improve their health, Katie has been able to guide patients toward recovery. She also has personal experience with modifying her own diet and lifestyle to improve her health, so she can sympathetically relate to her patients. I highly recommend and refer patients to Katie!”

— Jana Roso, CPNP MSN RN

Client Love

“Each person has a story and when they share their’s with me,
I’m honored to be a part of their journey.”
— Katie Floyd, IFMCHC

“I found Katie a couple weeks after having a heart attack. Doctors wanted me to change my diet and I had no idea where to began. With Katie’s help I am down 30lbs, walking a mile to 2 miles a day, seven days a week and I feel tremendous with the life style she has helped me overcome.”

— Stephanie K

“Katie you rock when it comes to health and nutrition! Thank you for helping me in creating a simple, easy to follow, healthy eating plan that I can use for a lifetime! I’m forever grateful…thanks so much.”

— Joe B.

“Katie has helped my wife and me with our diet and with life style choices for over two years. She is upbeat, organized, encouraging, and resourceful. I HIGHLY recommend Katie Floyd if you’re looking for a health coach with a mind and a heart.”

— Helen & Bruce B.

“I am a 77 year old lady with high cholesterol and osteo. I first heard Katie speak at Lake Travis Community Library many months ago. I was impressed with her presentation and requested that I be added to her newsletter. At my last doctor appointment I learned that my cholesterol numbers were a bit higher, I decided to try lowering numbers via diet versus medication. That is when I remembered Katie. Gave her a call and set up appointment. I have enjoyed several good sessions with her. After looking over my food journal she gave me ideas on food pairing; proteins; carbs; importance of exercise; keeping socially active and just learning to enjoy life. I highly recommend Katie’s NEWtrition Intuition.”

— Millie M.
“Katie is a knowledgeable, encouraging and inspiring coach. Especially the weeks that I was feeling defeated by, not only my food choices, but life, she turned me around. In her kind and empathetic tone, she reminded me that what was happening was life and ‘we’ would work through it together – which we did. Unlike countless diet plans I had tried, Katie educated me about the food and lifestyle choices that I was making and, ultimately the choices I made were reasonable, effective and flexible. I would highly recommend working with Katie but only if you’re serious about making changes and getting lifetime results.”
— Mary Ellen S.
“Katie did a great job fitting my personal needs as a nutrition coach. I mainly wanted education on certain topics and Katie tailored our meetings to meet those needs. It was very easy to make a connection with Katie and understand she had my best interests and success in mind. The internet has a lot of information, but I needed somebody to guide me on what things to learn about more and suggest changes. I would definitely recommend Katie as a nutrition coach!”
— Dave D.

“I highly recommend Katie as a functional medicine expert. Her knowledge and guidance with me has made an incredible impact on my overall quality of life! I realize now through working with Katie that nothing feels as good as great health.”

— Lance L.

“I’ve only worked with Katie for a few weeks, but my life has changed dramatically. My overall health has improved with great advice from Katie, super simple recipes, and practical lessons on getting exercise and fit. Everything is explained “medically” and in simple terms anyone can understand. I now have a lifelong plan for staying healthy and fit. I have lost 10 pounds, while curbing my appetite and not bingeing at night and I am eating more nutritious food than ever before. The great thing is Katie is highly motivated to help me on my NEW journey. She is amazing!”

— Gary H.