What do the the Expert’s have to say about Me and My Services?

Katie is passionate about health and wellness. Through her own health journey and clinical experience she has become a functional nutritional and nutrigenomic expert that can help make significant changes in the lives of those that are lucky enough to work alongside her. Dr. Emily Gutierrez DNP, C-PNP, PMHS, IFM-CP

Katie has been a wonderful friend and colleague for many years.  Her loyalty and dedication to her patients’ health and improvement is admirable.  By modifying diet and helping patients choose anti-inflammatory foods to improve their health, Katie has been able to guide patients toward recovery.  She also has personal experience with modifying her own diet and lifestyle to improve her health, so she can sympathetically relate to her patients.  I highly recommend and refer patients to Katie!  Jana Roso, CPNP MSN RN

Incorporating a health coach as part of of my patients’ protocol has proved to be beneficial as seen by the results my patient’s achieve. I have recommended Katie to numerous patients challenged by autoimmune disorders, heavy metal toxicity and lifestyle management. Katie’s vast knowledge in nutrition and wellness along with her personal approach to reaching my patients has been an integral part of their healthy outcome. I know when I recommend Katie, they are in good hands!  Dr. Amy Denicke DC IFMCP