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Hi! I’m Katie.

I love my job and I thoroughly enjoy my clients, each uniquely.

When a collaborated goal is achieved by a client, there is a synergistic celebration. I leave our session knowing my client has been elevated and impacted for life. That person has changed in multiple ways, not just by the empowerment of achieving their goal but the effects in their quality of life, self confidence and personal relationships. I was a part of that transformation, which is quite an honor.

It is you, the client, who fuels my passion for coaching those who seek to go to the next level in their personal success.

I received my health coach certification from the Institute of Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. During my training, I studied multiple dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques and positive psychology motivation with some of the world’s top health and wellness experts.

When I started experiencing my personal health challenges and realized my doctors couldn’t assist me, I became my own medical investigator. After relentless and countless hours of research, following medical leaders that were aligned with my beliefs and diet changes, my health improved dramatically. My personal journey motivated my already instinctive desire to help others and that’s when my health coach calling began.

My hobbies include warrior style exercise (HIIT), delectable food lover, genuine interest in people and the beach is my happy place. I am an eternal optimist and a lifelong student of wellness.

I am featured on the book cover of the Functional Medicine Coaching: Stories from the Movement That’s Transforming Healthcare. I am proud to say, I have successfully been in business since 2015 and receive the majority of my clients from doctor referrals and client referrals.


I’m featured in
this book!