Staying fit and healthy requires intention, organization, and knowledge.  I am, Katie, a certified Health and Wellness Coach, and assisting people regarding their nutrition and lifestyle is my passion and drive in life. In my experience, the best way to stay in shape is to pay attention to your lifestyle. Here are the habits to include every day of the year.

Exercise regularly:


One of the best habits that you can start to develop right now is to exercise. Why do I put this one first?

There are many benefits to exercise.  There are have been studies that show exercise improves mental health, assists with digestion, improves mental clarity, improves sleep quality, assists with weight loss, and many more!

People believe in order to exercise they must join a gym and hit it hard in there.  Gyms can be quite intimidating.  My recommendation is to start with what you enjoy doing.  Whether walking, biking, jogging, or swimming.


I have found when people start exercising they naturally start eating better.  So, if you are struggling with dialing in your nutrition, start with exercise and hopefully, nutrition motivation won’t be far behind.

Of course, this is true both ways, some play sports to eat anything, but statistically, people exercise for good reasons (health) more than the other (appearance).

The important thing is to have consistency. Be realistic with your goals.  Sticking to a routine is key. For example, you can ride a bike 2-3 times a week and if you have a passion for cycling, then take a look at this site dedicated to cyclists, to improve performance.

Eat more fruits and vegetables


The nutritional quality of our food has declined too much. Particularly because of the industrialization of our methods.

There are more pesticides, hormones, and whatnot than micronutrients in our food today. Not to mention that we are paying attention to macronutrients, but we aren’t informed about micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, etc.).


One thing is certain: fruits and vegetables should represent 80% of your plate.

If you are not a fan of vegetables, start small.  I find with my clients a “grab and go” pre-made bag of cut veggies to “mindless eat” in the car while driving is an easy way to add more veggies to our day.

Evict negative emotions:


We carry and internalize our conflicts and our negative emotions. These – although science is late on the subject, and does not understand too much – negatively impact our body.  They weigh us down and research has shown negative emotions can even impact our immune system.

Could this be a  reason that some people “who do everything right” still end with poor health?

Evict stress, anxiety, panic by journaling, exercising, meditating, and visualizing a positive outcome.

Also, forgiveness is key.  Forgive yourself and forgive others.  Write a letter to a friend or loved one that hurt you.  You don’t have to send it but purely writing it may set YOU free.

Yeah, I know, it feels weird reading this, but try it.

To do this consistently, disconnect from the incessant bad news from the media. Tune in to people and ideas that inspire and excite you.

If necessary, get help with EMDR for example. With EMDR therapy, affective distress is relieved, negative beliefs are reformulated, and physiological improvements are felt.



Due to our busy and stressful culture, well-being spaces are exploding!  Infrared sauna’s and salt cave’s are used regularly by people who want to boost their health but also provide relaxation.  There are so many benefits to both.

Infrared Sauna’s has been reported to assist with detoxification, boost the immune system, improve lymph flow, improve sleep, and boost exercise recovery, to name a few.  It’s especially beneficial if you can sweat.

Salt cave’s have reported assisting with allergies and respiratory issues.  All while relaxing in a quiet environment


Fasting is not eating for a minimum of 12 hours.  That time frame may be intimidating to some however if you create a plan, it’s simple to include in your lifestyle.  For example, if dinner is eaten at 6 pm then the next meal may be consumed at 6 am.  I personally like the early dinner plan because when we are sleeping the body can focus on other organs rather than digestion.  Digestion takes a lot of energy and during rest, the brain and liver could use that energy.

Personally, I fast daily and I notice a tremendous difference in my skin, digestion, energy, and sleep.  Who couldn’t use more of all that?!

Do you follow these tips?  How have you felt since you’ve made your lifestyle changes?  I’d appreciate hearing from you!  Always discuss new changes in your lifestyle and nutrition with your doctor first!