When was the last time you challenged yourself?  Not when you’ve said, “I will try” but when you actually did?  The comfort zone is just that, comfortable.  However when we have a nagging feeling that we know what we really want is lingering within us, it can give us an anxious, guilty feeling.  We know we are robbing ourselves.  So you can choose to live with that uncomfortable feeling or you can get the uncomfortable feeling of doing something different yet have the self gratification that you are moving closer to your goal.

If you receive my newsletter, last month, I challenged you to do something different for self care.  Yoga, meditation, dance, weights, etc.  I also participated.  I love to exercise, intense exercise.  I understand the benefits of yoga even though it’s not my typical speed.  I went to two classes and really enjoyed it!  It challenged my body in ways it’s not used to and I felt relaxed yet I felt I had worked out.  If you’ve been curious about an exercise, give it a go!  You will be proud of yourself for working out of your comfort zone and a sense of accomplishment.

When was the last time you attempted to make changes to your diet?  How long did it last?  The most common mistake I see people make is too many changes without support, a plan and an accountability partner such as a coach.  We all have heard it takes 21 days to create a habit.  It requires clear intention, organization and discipline.

The last six months, a large percentage of people have admitted to “letting themselves go” or allowing their diets to slip.  Most commonly, when we don’t eat well, drink more alcohol or not get adequate sleep, we are not performing at our optimal level.  Does this speak to you?   How does having more energy, quality sleep, more brain function and concentration, patience and looking your best sound to you?

We are in a very stressful time due to a multitude of reasons.  Wouldn’t it make more sense to be able to attack these stressful situations and issues with 100% competence?  When we feel well, we naturally have more confidence, have better problem solving skills and are able to cope.

I have never met an individual who after a work out said they wished they didn’t do it.  I have never met an individual who after one week of eating well said it was a mistake.  I have never met an individual who after accomplishing a goal said it wasn’t worth it.

I am planting a seed for you.  In October, I will be campaigning to start an End of Year’s Resolution.  Why wait until January?  If you are one of the collective that has not put their health and wellness first in the last six months, this is for you.  Time to get serious about you, your well being and where the next year is going to take you and your family.  Be prepared for major changes in 2021.  Do not allow the changes and possible challenges make your decisions.  You will have the cutting edge mentally and physically to take control of your world.

Are you ready to make changes?  I am here to help you.  I believe in you and I want to help you!

In good health and support,

Coach Katie