Well, Hello Summer! 

Summer calls for long overdue and deserved vacations.  Yes, we are in a very strange and concerning time but many are still vacationing.  I thought this a perfect time to provide safety travel tips and of course, how to eat healthy along the way!

From what I’m reading, most people are opting to drive to their chosen destinations.  Some are driving their personal vehicle, renting a bigger vehicle or renting an RV or large van so they may bring their pets.  The perk of renting an RV or a large van is the avoidance of a hotel while en route, providing additional comfort to many travelers.  If you rent a vehicle, be sure to inquire how the company is sanitizing the interior of the vehicle.  You can always do an additional wipe down for reassurance.

Whether you are a road warrior or soaring the sky, be sure to pack multiple masks and sanitizer wipes that are easily accessible.  On to my favorite topic, FOOD!  If you are flying or driving, what you bring will differ.  I prefer packing as much food as possible to avoid people handling my food plus, I’m confident what I make will be healthier.  If you are driving, packing a cooler of food and drinks is so convenient. 

First, if you are my client, you hear me saying the health importance of either a glass bottle with rubber siding to avoid breaking or stainless steel water bottle over plastic.  Pre fill those water bottles!  I also recommend packing a Brita portable water pitcher so when you are at your destination, the water is filtered and chlorine is taken out.  Did you know hotel water is super high in chlorine?  Yikes!

Next, think about how long you will be traveling.  Once you are at your final location or stops in-between, you can always go grocery shopping.  But while en-route, how many meals and snacks will you need?  Plus, don’t forget about “mindless eating.”  While driving, we all enjoy snacking to pass the time.  Hard boiled eggs (peel before leaving), cottage cheese, yogurt, apples, berries, turkey and cheese roll ups or sandwich, salad, dark chocolate squares, nuts and seeds, popcorn, chicken salad, pre-cut veggies (bell peppers, carrots, celery, cucumbers, radishes, etc) are a few that are easy to prep prior to the trip and are healthier alternatives to the drive through.  Pack more than what you think you may want because you can always eat it once you’ve arrived at your destination.

Once you’re at your destination, go grocery shopping.  Again, yes it takes time and preparation but when on vacation, it’s fun to try new recipes or re-introduce special occasion recipes.  It makes it different.  Splurge a little!  Eating at home will always be cheaper than eating at a restaurant.

Yes, this all takes time and preparation but your health and your wallet will thank you for it!  Homemade food is usually healthier, less expensive and you are in contact with less people.

What are you doing this summer?  Go for a hike, see some waterfalls, paddleboard, sightsee from afar, cook together and try something new!  Send me pics, let me know what you are up to this summer! Take some time to destress and soak in the natural and renewing energy of nature!

In good times and great health,

Coach Katie