Unpredictable Life:

Hello!  Welcome to my first blog in quite some time.  I have missed writing and am happy to be back.  

What a strange time we are in now, isn’t it?  There are so much emotion and uncertainty during this time.  How are you faring?  I know there is a lot of worries, impatience, concern, fear, and insecurity that people are sharing.  There are also a lot of people that are feeling content, connection, and are rolling with the times.  Me, I tend to bounce between rolling with it and impatience.  

What makes for the difference in flow?  Is it Personality?  Circumstances?  Goals? 

I believe a combination of all three which would explain the switch in emotions depending on the day or even the time of day.

We are in a vulnerable position during this time.  We receive a recommendation from the experts and our leaders, then it’s rescinded.  Also we guided in one direction and then in the opposite.  There are many theories and opinions, especially online.  People’s comments are emotional and opinionated.  I see arguments and “friendships” end.  We are using social media platforms that were originally intended to share pictures and connect with one another turned political, religious, and health “education” platforms.  The new platform is creating disconnection and enemies.  It’s sad to watch it happen.

Personally, when I am posed with a conflicted situation, I ask myself, what do I know for sure and what can I do about it?

What I don’t know:  I don’t know how long this chapter will last.  I don’t know if I will contract the virus.  I don’t know what will happen with the economy and how it will affect us.  How will all of this affect my personal and professional goals?

It’s important during uncertain times to not ruminate.  When I start to get too “heady” I remind myself what I do know for sure.  

I know that a strong immune system has been proven to benefit our health, no matter what we are fighting.

I know that diet, exercise, personal connections and spirituality help to boost the immune system.

And I know that I am super social and scheduling phone time with my friends helps me to feel connected and happy.

I know that every day when I check off my to-do list, I am closer to reaching my personal and professional goals.  I may not be at the end goal but I am one step closer so when the big goal arrives, I am prepared.  Remember that success is when opportunity meets preparation.

I know that when I am connected spiritually, I feel a sense of security and faith.

And also I know when I exercise daily, I immediately energized and feel a sense of strength that makes me feel like I take anything on during the day.

I will end with the following reminder: fuel your body with healthy nutrition.  Avoid sugar, fried food, processed carbohydrates, and limit alcohol.  Nourish your body with lots of vegetables, protein, healthy fats, and berries.  Call a friend.  Pray or send energy.  Get outside and move!

Cheers to a beautiful and unpredictable life!  Katie