Believe in the power of food.

Believe in the power of food.

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Reclaim Your Life

You’re finally here, seeking balance, consistency, and a renewed taste for life.

Let me coach you through your NEW journey.

Health Coach’s Knowledge

Health Coach’s extensive training and ongoing research will enable you to feel confident in your co-created program. During each session of the Health Coach’s, a portion is dedicated to sharing insight into your plan, detailing the benefits to the client’s wellbeing. Clients are empowered to create the life they desire by Health Coach. Health Coach helps you to Reclaim Your Life and renewed energy, improved digestion, brighter skin, and a better quality of life.

Health and Wellness Coach Accountability

Showing up is half the battle, yet following through can be the challenge and it can be accepted through proper health and wellness coach plan. A health and wellness coach role is to gently guide you through the newtrition process of accomplishing your goals. During each session of health and wellness coach, co-created commitments are established in order to change old patterns and routines. Through intention, vision, and action of the health and wellness coach, new habits and routines are created and goals are achieved.

Certified Health Coach Motivation

A certified Health coach motivation actually helps you to achieve real-life goals. The main reasons people lose their motivation are because they simply get distracted, set unrealistic goals, or are “yes people”. Yes to everyone else on the list yet their goals get lost and forgotten. During each session of newtrition coach motivation, we discuss possible setbacks and how to overcome them. This model builds the client’s confidence and reinforces a successful goal achievement and desired outcome by the newtrition coach motivation.


Compassion is not a learned skill, it is within one’s self. Either a person is compassionate or they are not. Through my own internal drive to consistently work towards a goal plus experiencing my own health and life trials and tribulations, I am empathetic to people’s challenges. There is no judgement, as we are all imperfect and compassionate support is necessary for continual success.

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Whether your goals are to weight loss, nutrition coaching, address health concerns, increase energy, or simply to feel your best, personalized nourishment balance is stepped one.
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The Health and Wellness Coach

The Health and Wellness Coach, called a health coach or nutrition coach is a coach who accompanies you in your food journey whatever your goal: weight loss/weight gain, better relationship to food, and healthier diet. To help you incorporate these changes into your life, The Health and Wellness Coach has experience and expertise training with different methods of coaching.

What is a Health and Wellness Coach?

The Health and Wellness Coach is a certified practitioner who guides you in your wellness aspirations and directs you to success. Indeed, it’s best to choose a health coach who offers you practical solutions that are adapted to your expectations and your needs. A Health and Wellness Coach will also teach you practical methods to help you explore your potential. This allows you to improve physical and mental health. With your health coach, you are sure to make your life goals a reality. Finally, if you use newtrition coach services, you will see your daily life positively transformed.

Personal newtrition coach sessions are essentially focused on:

  • Nutrition
  • Personal development
  • Self-confidence
  • Life balance
  • Improvement of the personal or professional living environment, etc.

Health and Well-Being Coaching

Do you wish to significantly increase your well-being? Do you want to take charge of your health with a more comprehensive and natural approach?

Health is a state of physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Health coaching, with its holistic approach, helps you achieve this state of serenity. I will accompany you so that you may better manage your lifestyle (diet, sleep, physical and relaxation activities) and especially your stress and your emotions, which have a great influence on your health. The goal of health and wellness coaching is to enable a person to develop a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle, in which they feel good about themselves, are in good health, and have abundant vital energy. Health coaching includes multiple facets of balance to create the diamond in the rough.  Lifestyle modifications, diet, sleep habits, relationship connection and visualization are all explored to create balance and overall fulfillment. Have you decided to take charge of your health? Whether you take a curative or preventive approach, with my various client experience as well as my personal health journey, you can be confident in my approach and my support.

An Integrative and Systemic Model of Coaching

From a systemic and integrative perspective, the health and wellness coach offers an approach that takes into account the different dimensions of the client’s life. Not only does the Health Coach consider the client’s physical state but also what challenges interfere with successful outcomes and adapting to new changes in our environment empowering us to pursue our goals of recovery, evolution, or transformation. This adaptability comes from the level of balance between the physical, psychological, and socio-cultural components of a person. We must aim for balance to conquer the personal, family, and professional goals.

Personalized Support By Health and Wellness Coach

A personal certified Health Coach is focused on the progressive, adapted, and personalized support of clients to the care of their disease by modifying certain unhealthy lifestyles.

Diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, asthma and autoimmune diseases are all chronic diseases that require multidisciplinary management, including both medical care and change in lifestyle habits.

How to Choose Your Life Coach: 3 Things to Know

In both private and professional life, you may need to hire a life coach.

Whether it’s a lack of self-confidence or an inability to face a new situation that destabilizes you, your life coach can help you find the strength and courage to bypass the obstacles.

By respecting your rhythm and your choices, coaching will boost you; push you forward, always further, always stronger.

Your life coach is not there to probe your mind or your life from childhood but to allow you to assert yourself, here, now, and forever.

1 – What is Life Coaching?

The life coach or Health and Wellness Coach, as the name suggests is a neutral and objective guide that looks at your daily life, at work, and/or private.

It concerns five areas:

  • Family life
  • Professional life
  • Couple life
  • Personal life
  • Social life

The coach is able to quickly analyze the situation, your personality and what you need now and in the future.

The job of the coach is to lead you on the right path by bringing out what is best in you.  To assist you in visualizing and obtaining your goals.

The coach adapts to the character, desires, and environment of the client. He/She gives free rein to his instinct and creativity for your benefit.

2 – When to Call on a Life Coach?

You feel that you are losing ground, you have the impression that you will not be able to overcome one or more obstacles and/or you are generally fed up which could ostensibly push you towards burnout.

You feel different, misunderstood, have difficulty trusting, you want to get out of a situation of hyperactive control.

There are so many reasons in life to call on a life coach.

We will make sure to highlight the best you. Depending on the job to be landed, we will help you to be assertive yet respectful, and help you to tap into your imagination allowing you to stand out from the crowd.

3 – How to Choose the Right Life Coach?

The most important thing is the confidence you have in your life coach. It is your future that you put in his/her hands.

Not all coaches are created equal; it is imperative to choose the one who will accompany you towards this new life.

The reputation of the coach can be an indicator for some, but not for all. Read testimonials, you can follow a recommendation from someone you trust and choose whether He/She is the right person for your personality and situation.

The coach’s technique used must speak to you and motivate you at the same time.  It’s important to connect to your coach.

Make sure your coach is certified

More important than the title is the coach’s ability to understand the client’s expectations.